Sunday, May 17, 2009

Morelli's back...though I never really left!

Soooo....yea I know, I always say I'm gonna start blogging more often, but it's always like a month between blog posts. Well, this time around, I think I'll stick to it because there's A LOT coming my way, and I'm really excited about it!

For starters, my job's going great, and it's looking like it may get more greater (I know it's incorrect grammer, duh!). I love my job, even through it's ups and downs, I wouldn't want to work anywhere else honestly.

Ok, moving real and true passion in life is music, if y'all didn't already know that, now you do! I have several projects going on, and it looks like they're finally gonna get somewhere. It's pretty exciting, but a lil bit scary, not gonna lie. Scary because it's like, OH SHIT, WE MIGHT ACTUALLY MAKE IT!, type of scary, ya know? Anyway, like I said, I'll be blogging more often because I'll be (over)promoting all my music stuff for everyone to go check out/download/buy from iTunes. I thank everyone for their support in advance too, and if you've never supported, we're bout to make you feel stupid! Ha.

Besides all that great stuff, there's been some rough times here and there with family and friends and whatnot, but fuck it, I try to stay positive and have positivity around me. If you're negative about something, I'm usually like straight up, get over it and man up or w/e...which tends to get me into beef with peeps, but again, fuck is what it is. I think I'm done for now because I have plenty to do today, on my like 2nd or 3rd Sunday off in months...gotta stay productive, ya know. Peace and love from yours truly.

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