Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I got this post from RNDM and thought I should share it because it's something that can affect a lot of peeps.

I know I'm a lil late...

But!...I just wanted to share the latest video from Kanye with y'all, which I might add, is a truly creative piece of work. Anyone that talks shit about him based on a video they might've seen of him flipping out at an award show or an interview, can suck it! The man has a great deal of talent, which you can't deny, but occasionally he got a little carried away. So what? It happens. The dude's learned from his mistakes, and he seems to keep learning as it happens. He's been humble various times in interviews, songs, and even in his latest performances. I was fortunate enough to go to the Glow in the Dark Tour when it came to Miami, and it was amazing! All the acts were great, of course, but Ye's set was really dope and creative. He recently also did a vh1 Storytellers, and that too was pretty awesome. I can totally understand him when he overreacts about his music not winning or stuff like that because I'm a musician, and I know exactly how it feels to not be recognized for your achievements sometimes, especially when you're passionate about them. It happens to the best of us. Anyway, enough of my rant about Kanye, here's the video to "Welcome to Heartbreak" featuring his artist Kid Cudi. Enjoy.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Uh oh, is ya boy's learning some text edit skills???

Well perhaps a lil bit. Peep the new logo! It might not be as cool as other peeps' logos, but whatever, I'm no pro at PhotoShop or anything! I think it's dope for my first shot at it though, so I hope y'all dig it. You can probably expect more where that came from...just gettin' my feet wet! Peace and love.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Updates and whatnot...

So yea, it's been a minute since my last post, but I've been busy and lost in my list of things to do. I was mainly consumed by the cleaning up/rearranging of my home studio, but I did have the chance to get out of the house a bit here and there, thankfully.

Here's a quick recap of the past few weeks...sorta...

I have been frustrated as fuhhh with work stuff, life stuff, family stuff, etc...but trying my best to deal with/accept it all as best as possible. I have had a couple of those epiphanic moments...where I've realized a lot about a lot, if that makes any sense. Anyway, long story short, it made me lose focus for a sec, but I quickly recovered back into focus of everything that is truly important for me to focus on at the moment...and in the future for that matter. It's funny how things can change so quick sometimes, and quite the opposite other times...but alas, that's life, as they say...whoever "they" are.

I've been blessed with getting to know some really cool peeps lately too (shouts to my girls from RNDM and some of my peeps from work), which is cool and refreshing. I haven't partied as much as usual lately, but it's all good. Sometimes I just have to accept that hanging out with a friend and watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona tonite, getting home at a decent time for a change. Great movie by the way...Penelope's Oscar was well-deserved! And God bless Scarlett Johansson! Anyway, I think that was a bit of an ADD/rant moment, but fuck it, it's my blog right? I'm entitled to do that.

Oh, almost forgot!...if anyone's into knowing the latest celeb gossip, you MUST check out a brand new blog by my adopted little sister La Femme Fatale like asap! In her words..."READ IT, FOLLOW IT, LOVE IT!" Look out Perez and TMZ! Homegirl knows her shiet!!! Ok, that's about all I can think of for now, but I will be posting more frequently from now on (hopefully)...and the InfiniGlo blog is up and running, but is post-less at the moment, as I've been busy and haven't gotten around to posting anything yet. Oh!...the Winter Music Conference is right around the corner as well, and it will hopefully bring us some great opportunities. Stay tuned here and to my mobile blog, and of course, support the cause(s) via those links posted under the links section! Peace and Love.