Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So I got to watch Inglourious Basterds again, and yea, that is truly a great film. Some of Quentin's best work, really...but the actors are all great too, especially Brad Pitt. Dude is hilarious in it! Oh, and Eli Roth as "the bear jew" is fuckin great too. I love the fact that all the actors are almost all foreign, so they actually speak the languages in the film. I think that makes a huge impact on making a great film.

Anyway, still have yet to see District 9 though, so maybe that'll happen sometime this week...we'll see I guess. Been working on a lot of InfiniGlo related stuff like music (duh), logos, videos, I'm excited as much as I am frustrated...mainly because I'm not ill with the PhotoShop skills like I want to yea, making shit happen on there how I want it, isn't the easiest thing for me. Nonetheless, I do my best to fuck with the programs enough to at least learn the basics. I have the potential artistically for visual shit, but being that I'm not familiar with those wonderful programs, I have to kinda just half-ass logos, etc, until I have someone that can either recreate what I want, or at least clean it up. I can take some dope pics with a regular camera, or draw up some cool shit, but can't for the life of me translate that into the digital visual stuff...oh, but I will! Little by little! Moving on...

I been listening to the Blackout 2 album from Red & Meth, and I gotta say, it's no 5-mic classic, but it's worth a listen for the most part. It's what you'd usually expect from them, so it is what it is, feel me? I'm not done with the album yet, only half-way, but I've like it so far...I'll recap later on. I think I'm gonna start posting up critiques of music and films soon. I've been thinking about it for some time, but never actually do it...but! I figure, since blogs about shit can help make a presence for a blogger, then fuck it, why not talk some shit (good and/or bad) about movies and music, right? (writing this as I'm bobbin' my head to "How Bout Dat" from the Blackout 2 album...good shit.)

Ok to be continued as sure to check out the InfiniGlo Blog too. There's gonna be a lot of updates coming very stay tuned y'all! Peace and love.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I think I may watch the "Basterds" once again...I don't mind, but I want to see District 9 asap too! Oh well, can't say no to a movie by Quentin, right? In the meantime, another quick update...there's been a lot of hard work going on within the InfiniGlo camp, so stay tuned for a ton of new tracks, mixes, videos, etc coming soon! I'm excited, are you??? Anyway, I keep saying I'm gonna start doing vlogs so I don't have to type, but I never get around to it. I will eventually, or at least once in a while, promise! That's all for now peeps, peace and love.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Watched Inglourious Basterds the other nite and damn, what a great piece of work! Quentin has once again delivered a great film, which is actually somewhat related to history. I highly recommend it if you're a fan of his work, if you're not, then you probably won't dig it. It's got tons of funny parts, and of course, there's tons of blood and violence, as usual. Wouldn't be a Quentin film without that stuff. Anyway, go see it!

On a different note, go check out my friend's blog, as it's sure to put you on to some cool shit. Other than that, I'll be posting some links and vlogs soon, just gotta find the time (today was the first day in like 4 days that I even get on my computer). Peace and love y'all.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mos Def!

Gonna see Mos Def this Saturday! Should be dope. He'll be performing with Jay Electronica. Gonna be with my fav ladies from RNDM Miami too...couldn't ask for anything more!

More new music to check out...

Some more new music for y'all to check out...though some may not be so new, but whatev.

Black Eyed Peas - The Invasion of Boom Boom Pow...the Boys Noize and Guetta remixes are dope!
The Clipse featuring Kanye - Kinda Like a Big Deal...Ye's production & lyrics are on point!
Fedde Le Grand - Scared of Me (Promised Land & Provenzano Remix) [feat. Mitch Crown]
Chromeo - I Can't Tell You Why
Joell Ortiz - Joell Ortiz Covers the Classics...really good stuff.
Deadmau5 - Lack of a Better Name & Ghosts N Stuff
Mos Def - The Estatic...TIGHT album!
David Guetta featuring Chris Willis - Gettin' Over
Snoop Dogg - Sexual Eruption (Boys Noize Remix) & (Dirty South Remix) ...these 2 are FIRE!!!
And of course some new tracks by my labelmates Peur GNeoUs...available via the InfiniGlo blog

Gonna be posting more shit soon...on the label's blog too (link above) stay tuned! For now, peace & love.