Saturday, April 4, 2009

Back up in thissss...

Ok, so yea, it's been like a month since my last post, I know. I've had a busy couple of weeks back to back since then, so I'll try and catch everything up as best as possible...

A lot of work has been put into my music over the past month or so, both producing and DJing. Most of the effort was in preparation for the Winter Music Conference. We wanted to be prepared in case we had to perform, spin, or hand stuff out. When conference time came, we unfortunately didn't get to do any of that, but it's all good. We got to meet some great contacts and got to see some dope DJ's and artists do their thing. It was my first time going to Ultra as well, and that was quite the experience, I must say. I mean, the artists were badass, but the peeps in the crowd were fuckin' retarded for the most part....drunk and high, twirling around fuckin' fairy glowsticks, and wearing some of the most ridiculous outfits I've ever seen. But alas, this is unfortunately what makes up Ultra's crowd usually. Oh well.

Besides that wackness, the WMC was a great experience in general, and we hope that a lot of good come out of it. I took a bunch of great pics of course, and a few videos as well. The pics and videos are up in my gallery on Mobile Me...if you don't know what that is, look it up! Anyway, here's the link to the gallery. Feel free to view the pics and videos, though I still have to upload about 5 or 6 more videos, because they take forever to upload.

Aside from that, we have some stuff in the works at the moment, so that'll hopefully all work out for once. I'll keep the blog up to date more often now, since I should be having much more to write about. Peace and love.

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Relz said...

Hatin ass Mobile Me gallery won't let me see your photos after page 4. I still love you even though you went to Ultra.