Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Because it's been a while...

I know I know, I always say in my previous posts that I'm gonna update more often, and I totally mean to...but then life happens, and yea, been real busy since my last post. Mostly due to workin' A LOT more at work, but no complaints on that cuz I need the money. I work for a great company, where I get to have fun for the most part and be a part of exciting events and whatnot. Most recently, the iPhone 3GS launch. I got to work the overnite shift prior to the launch, and it was pretty cool. Soooo much detail goes into putting an Apple Store together, especially for a new product. When I look at my store now, I'm like, "wow, I put that together!" or "I helped put that there", etc.

Anyway, aside from work-related business, I've been workin' hard on my music as well. It's been a bit difficult to get as much done as we used to get done, as we've both been workin' a lot to pay off some debts. But I got to spin at The Womb last month, which was pretty cool. I should be doing that again soon, so I'll keep y'all posted. Oh! We're also trying to get booked for this lounge in mid-town, so keep ya posted on that too! We hadn't spun together for like 3 weeks or so, but we threw down a DOPE 3-hr set on Friday at the studio...so we felt great after that, as it seemed we hadn't stop practicing. Let's see what else???

Oh yea, I got to hang with some old friends for a bday party, so that was fun. Hadn't seen or hung with some of those peeps since like high school! Speaking of which, one of those friends is a fellow blogger, and has some pretty interesting info fo yo ass...so yea, check out karla-la-eats.blogspot.com for some great info/advice/opinions on food and whatnot. Gonna add her to my "links" list now too.

Back to the music talk though...one of my groups/projects is about to drop an EP on iTunes, but dont' worry, I'll make a HUGE deal about that when it comes....so you won't miss out! We're also planning to shoot a video for 2 of the tracks on that EP...one will be stop-motion-ish, the other will (hopefully) be animated. These types of videos take more time obviously, so be patient! We have a bunch of projects due for this summer, for all of our musical identities, which if you don't know about, ask me in person sometime, cuz it's hard to explain our ideas and concepts and alter egos via the internet...and we kinda don't plan to talk much about that anyway lol. So on that note, I go by many names, but for this blog, y'all know me as Gianni or Morelli...signin' off...peace and love.

P.S. I'm thinkin' of switching to vlogs from now on, just cuz I'm too lazy to type sometimes.

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