Thursday, January 29, 2009

Miami, Ran Dumb? Sometimes.

If ya don't know, now ya know...check out for the latest in sneakers, hip hop, music, politics, Miami's overall lifestyle, and just about anything else for that matter.  Also, the InfiniGlo blog is up, but empty at the moment.  Stay tuned for updates coming your way, with all new info about everything InfiniGlo!  Oh, and I'll be posting up more frequently for sure (even though I've already said this, I've been caught up with work and other things).  Anyway, check out the mobile blog too, which I'll be using to post photos and whatnot from my phone, with quick/short descriptions about the pics.  On that note, peace and love to Relz and Chef of RANDUMBMIAMI and anyone else that is actually taking the time to read my thoughts on life, music, etc.  


Chef said...
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Relz said...

RNDM <3s you!!

Chef said...

i think morelli should think more often :)